• H𝖔w to Lαunch Binαnce Cust𝖔m Login Functi𝖔n?

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    Binance Launches Custom Login Function


    Fellow Binancians,


    Binance is pleased to announce that we have launched the new Custom Login function. Master Account users who enable sub-accounts can create Custom Login Accounts - accounts with read-only access to the trade and order histories of the Master Accounts and the related sub-accounts, as well as the spot asset balances and deposit addresses of the Master Accounts.


    Features of the Custom Login function:


    A Custom Login Account’s login credential is created by the Master Account.

    A Custom Login Account allows the user to view Spot, Margin and Futures order and trade histories of both the Master Account and the related sub-accounts.


    A Custom Login Account allows the user to view the spot asset balances and the deposit addresses of the Master Account.

    Binance Support is available to Custom Login Accounts.


    Note: A Custom Login Account does not allow the user to deposit, withdraw, transfer, trade, or view identification information or any other sensitive information of the Master Account.


    Who may use the Custom Login function?


    Non-trader operating personnel on a trading team who need to view trade and deposit histories, spot asset balances and deposit addresses, or seek assistance from Binance customer service.

    Master Account users who need to authorize third parties temporary access to trade histories.


    Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.